It’s inevitable that if we can’t find more renewable energy sources and efficient processes, the future of glass melting will be short lived. However, if you’re looking for a sustainable answer that is available right now – look no further than the powerful new CLEAN Melter® from SORG.


Having patented the world’s first hybrid furnace to support larger operations, we are getting much closer to safeguarding the future for everyone to benefit from carbon neutral energy. Our timing is perfect, as the Paris Agreement demands a 40% reduction in CO2 by 2030 and net zero by 2050. Emission trading and increasingly strict limits on air pollutants are forcing local manufacturers to invest in cleaner technologies to support the sustainability strategies of major global brands.

From introducing the all-electric VSM® furnace 50 years ago, to providing electric boosters for over 500 fossil-fired furnaces worldwide, we have always been thinking ahead with innovations designed to tackle climate change.


With the best of both electric and combustion technologies, the CLEAN Melter® can increase its electric share to as much as 80%, leaving 20% combustion to take over and recharge the electric capacity. This results in much lower energy consumption and carbon emissions, while also offering huge cost savings and greater flexibility in terms of pull variations and raw material changes.

Better still, depending on your locality, the CLEAN Melter® can even start as a conventional combustion furnace with electric boosting and be converted later without any further modifications.


Our thinking behind this revolutionary hybrid concept is really simple – because our whole future depends on it. We have an unrivalled knowledge of electric and hybrid melting. We have a vision to

give the glass industry greater sustainability. And we also have the technology now in place, ready to make it a reality.

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